Sometimes you need to show your work, whether for an all-hands presentation or a design review. With Around's Screen Sharing Mode, it's easy to get a pulse on people's reactions and get a lively discussion going.

Read the room

Never feel like you're talking to an audience of zero again. Instead of taking over the whole screen, Around lets you continue seeing up to six other participants while screen sharing. And if there's someone in the meeting whose reaction you're particularly interested in (e.g. key stakeholders, your boss, etc.), you can right-click on their video circle and select Pin for Me.

Encourage participation

Need to get instant feedback on a design file? Or point to an area of focus on the screen? Enable the annotations feature while screen sharing so everyone in the meeting can add to the discussion with drawing and emojis.

Customize your experience

Want to ensure your screen sharing quality is as good as it can be? We recommend customizing your screen sharing presets to match the type of content. For videos, a higher frame rate can lessen image stuttering and ensure a smooth experience. But for slides with lots of text, a lower frame rate and image resolution can still look great without heating up your computer. Click the cog in the share toolbar to choose the sharing preset that fits the type of content being shared.