Around is great for collaboration and getting work done together, but you can also use it for connecting with your team. Whether that's stand-ups, sprint planning, or chill hangouts, our Campfire Mode is the perfect place to circle up with everyone.

Express yourself

One of our users' favorite features in Around is reacting in-video with emojis and GIFs [T]. Give it a try and you'll know why.  It's not only a fun way to communicate with others, but can also be a vital part of your next meeting.

  • Sprint planning? Use GIFs to display your estimate during a round of story poker.
  • Daily stand-up? Emojis (i.e. thumbs up) are a quick way to react without interrupting the speaker.

Take turns

Tired of moderating whose turn is next in stand-ups? Try this at your next one: ask the team to use the Raise Hand [H] feature, which instantly numbers the hands in the order they were raised. And when it's your turn to speak, there's no need to worry about lowering your hand—we do that for you automatically.

Make a plan

Great teams take great notes, but those notes are often taken individually across many different platforms (e.g. Google Docs, Notion, Evernote, etc.) With Around, you can collaboratively take notes using our Notes feature so it's all in one place. The best part? Notes can be stored in the room or sent to all meeting participants at the end of the meeting so there is always a record of what was discussed.