Whether you’re in the office, remote, or a mix of the two, Around allows your team to connect, collaborate, and co-create in one space no matter where you are. One of the best ways to use Around by Miro Labs (Around) is for collaborating with others, whether that's gathering around a Miro board, brainstorming in a shared doc, or pair programming.

Find the best layout

With our Floating Mode feature, you can get work done with others in a way that frees up your screen while still allowing you to see their faces and reactions.

Floating Mode allows you to arrange your video circles horizontally or vertically. Just click the Floating Mode icon (or use the shortcut [B]) to choose the layout that works for you.

  • Sprint planning with your team? A horizontal layout will sit nicely above your kanban board.
  • Designing your next web iteration? A vertical layout can sit nicely in the margins.

Collaborate more effectively

With Miro Mode, you can access Miro’s powerful collaboration features directly inside Around. Collaborate more effectively with instant access to new or existing boards and reduce fatigue by no longer having to toggle between apps.

Your team can start ideating from a blank Miro canvas, or by using one of their pre-made templates designed to help teams tackle any task. The last Miro board used in a room is immediately available the next time you join, so your team can easily pick up where they left off.

Just click the Miro Mode icon at the top of the meet window to get started.

Maximize your workspace

Need every inch of screen real estate when working together? (Here's just one scenario we can think of: remote pair programming!) Click the Minimal Mode [E] icon in the bottom right corner of your app to shrink Around to its tiniest footprint.

Switch off the spotlight

We've built anti-fatigue features like background cropping, noise reduction and filters into Around, but it's still understandable to feel self-conscious on video calls. If you want to take a break from seeing yourself, just right-click on your own video and select Hide self-view.