Introducing a new way to meet for groups of up to 100 people!

Event Rooms makes it possible to host events with up to 100 people and includes a new room interface and additional permissions to help facilitate effective communication


An Event Room is a new type of room that offers a different experience than a Meeting Room. Most notably, Event Rooms feature a Stage area, where people from the audience can take the stage and address the crowd. Additionally, Event Rooms feature a new set of Room Admin permissions, making it possible to shape the room environment to fit the style of event by limiting features that might be counterproductive or distracting.

Only event attendees that use the Take the stage button in the bottom left of the meet window can move to the stage and speak with the audience.  Those not on the stage cannot use their camera or microphone, but can still communicate using GIF and emoji reactions or messages.


Notes Mode, Image Sharing Mode, and Games are not available during an event


Add a new Event Room

To add a new event room, begin by clicking the Create Room button located to the right of your Workspace name in the Lobby. Under Room Type, select Event (Beta) and then click Continue to create the room.

Event Room Participants

Each event room has two types of participants: speakers and attendees.

Speaker: A person that is on stage and can be heard by everyone in the event room. Speakers have the option to start their video and can initiate Screen Sharing.

Attendee: Any person that is not on stage. Attendees cannot unmute their microphone or turn on their camera during an event.


Event Room Permissions

To help facilitate communication with larger audiences, we’ve included the ability to disable various feature sets during an event. Room admins can open the Audience Settings menu in the top-right of the meet window and toggle:

  • Vibes
  • Tools
  • Screen Share Annotations


Additionally, room admins can decide whether anyone in attendance should be able to Take the stage, or only those invited by a room admin. For the latter, a room admin can click on an attendee in the audience and click Invite to stage.

Room permissions do not persist between events


Add an Event Room Admin

From your Lobby open the room menu in the top right of the corresponding event room card and select Manage Room Members.... Find the member you want to update and use the corresponding drop-down to update their permissions.

Using Echo Prevention

Any person in an Echo Prevention group wanting to Take the stage will need to either use the Around desktop app or leave their current Echo Prevention group.


Why don’t I see the option to start a recording?

Only room admins can start a recording while in an Event Room.

Why didn’t I receive an email after the event?

Because Notes Mode is disabled for Event Rooms, post-meeting emails are only sent if a recording was made during the meeting.

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